Designed for strutting, this stick is sexy! Hand crafted in Australia with
attention to the smallest detail including the feel and the weight as well as
the silhouette created when held in the hand.
The handle is hand forged sterling silver ergonomically sculpted to fit either
hand. The curves of the silver blend into the ebonised rosewood shaft,
which is hand carved with a curved taper and a triangular girth impossible
to replicate on a machine.
Each piece of rosewood, a timber traditionally used in walking stick making,
was especially selected for its tight grain and structural integrity. It grew on
the Dorrigo Plateau, is over 150 years old and hardened by lightening
strike and bush fire.
The shaft separates into two pieces with a sterling silver sleeve and
stainless steel rod to provide a reinforced join. This makes it easy to pack
away into your travel bag. The tapered end is sterling silver with a
replaceable non slip tip that slides into an inner sleeve.

    Hallmarked 925 and JERAMIE

    Each stick is made to measure in length according to your height and
    with your own personalised monogram.

    Although each stick is individually hand made the design style has a
    limited edition of 30 world wide, so you can be assured your
    purchase is uncommon.

    Winner of the Object and Hollow Ware section of A&E Metals
    "Explorations" Exhibition 2008.

    Short listed and selected to tour:  Contemporary Wearables
    Toowoomba Regional Gallery 2009

Available by commission. $9950